JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic company that meters various utilities like water and electricity since 2008 and offers exciting products including REMOTE METERING opportunities.
We are dedicated to metering accurately and finding a solution that suites your needs from industrial and commercial, to retail and domestic use. We have a solution for you. Not only are we one of the top metering companies in the country, our services have now been expanded to monitoring various other utilities including high- and low-level tank management, ovens, fridges, freezers, and timing devices.

We Offer:

Electrical and Water Metering. We can do manual recording of readings on analogue meters (with photographic proof). We also specialise in digital metering with accurate electronic recording and data capturing. Remote metering with off-site access at any time (Infrastructure pendant). Sewerage/Sanitation Calculated as per Council or Lease Agreement. Our administration is timeous and with consistent billing. Tenant’s queries are dealt with quickly and professionally during normal office hours by email, via telephone, or in person. Our Accounts Department charges strictly according to the regulations set out by NERSA and the tariffs published by your local municipal authority. Account Queries are efficiently dealt with during office hours. Credit Control and Debt Collecting are done by SMS, WhatsApp or email notifications. Our Technical Department specialises in meter installations, metering and meter queries. Electricians and plumbers are available at any time according to their schedules. We may be contacted for the issuing of Electrical Compliance Certificates. Council accounts relationships have been established with various councils and municipalities in order to help deal with prompt payment of accounts and verify any queries that may arise. Accounts are verified and checked on Landlord or Owners behalf.

Utility Management

With Complete Metering, JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd will take responsibility for total management of the utilities. This includes the technical investigation, reading of meters, invoicing to tenants, collecting of payments and credit control, verification and payments of council accounts with proof of payments to the building owner. We escalate and resolve Municipal queries that may arise.

With Partial Metering, JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd will generate a consumption report which can be added to the tenant’s rental invoice. The building owner takes responsibility for the recovery of money and payment to the council. Partial Metering includes the technical investigation, monthly reading of meters and escalation and resolution of Municipal queries that may arise.

The advantages of Smart Metering: Direct and live access to meters on our systems. Remote access to controlled environments using an electronic portal such as GPRS or Ethernet. We will provide data direct to the client on load sharing and load movement. Direct control of electricity supply to each tenant. Accuracy increases dramatically.


Billing & Debt Recovery:

JVR Utility Services (PTY) Ltd will invoice Electricity Consumption, Water Consumption, Sewerage/Sanitation per water consumption, and Common area consumption assignment. Debt Recovery and Service connection/termination. Consistent Monthly billing. Service termination on accounts in arrears according to NCPA. Failure to pay leads to legal action/debt solutions consultants. Lease agreements and conditions of agency on appointment.

Advantages to Tenants: No Interim readings as readings are consistently taken on a monthly basis. We always provide professional advice and service. Detailed account billing. Only approved municipal tariffs applicable are billed.

Advantages to the Building Owner: Eliminate hidden costs while adding value to your company. Energy management for tenants. Handle tenant queries on owner’s behalf concerning utilities. Stay abreast of all tariff charges. Verify Correctness of the local supply authority account. Handle queries with council. Handle all credit control with regard to utilities.