HEADACHE from mistakes on your municipal statement? Let us help...

HEADACHE from mistakes on your municipal statement? Let us help…


Our technical investigations provide you with a full report on faults and improvement recommendations, account disputes with tenants as well as municipal account queries. Monitoring your utilities on- and off-site and we are able to track and replace faulty meters. We pride ourselves on providing correct usage and readings on all invoices. The invoices and statements are always issued on time and in a format that is easy to understand.

JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd has a Specialist Municipal Investigation Department, specialising in the resolution of problems that arise on municipal billing. Full investigations are done on municipal accounts and checks are done to ensure water, electricity, refuse, sewer, and rates and taxes are billed correctly by the council, at the correct tariffs and on the correct meters. Established relations have been built with various city councils as well as the municipal Ombudsman. This gives JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd the edge in the market to help ensure speedier resolutions of any problem. JVR consults with the council concerned from start to finish, ensuring necessary reference numbers are active for the relevant query and ensures that the clients services are not discontinued by council during the investigation and resolution period. Other services offered include: making payment arrangements on behalf of our clients with municipalities, escalating complex queries to the Ombudsman for resolution and the supply and installation of municipal online check meters to ensure the council bills correctly. Zoning and planning issues are also dealt with according to what may be required.

Technical Investigations: Our qualified staff assist in the following manner:

Ensuring that the correct meter is being used for each tenant.

Ensuring that all meters are allocated to the correct tenant.

Ensuring that all electrical cables are metered and that there is no meter bypassing.

Ensuring that the common areas and air conditioning are metered correctly.

After JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd have conducted the initial investigation, we will compile a full report on the results of the investigation.