JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd is a trusted partner in utility management that uses the most innovative technology to meter accurately and within market standards. Our customer-centric approach ensures that we are able to provide utility management solutions that suite your needs. From reading your meters to ensuring up-to-date municipal account payments, we even stand in the gap to help you with municipal queries and disputes. Our 30-years collective experience for small, medium & large business parks and shopping centres ensures honourable utility management with unparalleled transparency and integrity. Managing utilities since 2008, JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd is a leader in the field with over 30 years combined experience. Our core principals are transparency, integrity and accuracy, key for landlords and tenants alike. Our dynamic team of directors and staff are all very hands on and all have extensive knowledge of council by-laws and tariff structures, thus giving landlords the peace of mind that their tenants are being billed fairly and correctly. For the tenant, our professional team will be able to help them understand the various complex tariff structures being billed by council and are able to help them effectively manage their power consumption. JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd over the years has developed deep relationships with various municipal offices. For the landlord, this means that any query or problem that may arise with municipal accounts are resolved in an efficient manner. This is a vital link which sets us apart from our competitors. Our professional technical investigation team prides itself on being able to take on any municipal billing problem and ensure it is resolved and to date have a 100 percent resolution record. JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd is a market leader in the ever-developing line of smart metering. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our landlords and tenants the most up to date technology available on the market.

Demand Management

JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd monitors how electricity is used on site in order to avert capacity problems and reduce demand charges. This includes power factor correction. On larger sites and with smart metering we are able to advise clients on their half hourly consumption and discuss with them how charges may be reduced through changes in operating practices.

Resolving Municipal Billing Disputes

Not all municipalities are as thoughtful as they make out and we have numerous success stories based on recovering overcharges for our clients. These cases are normally very involved and require specialist knowledge of billing and understanding exactly what is enforceable and what should be negotiated.

Invoice Verification

There is little point in negotiating the sharpest prices unless these are reflected in municipal invoices. In addition to unit charges there are many others that appear on electricity bills and few of these are understood by the majority of people who authorise their payment.


Invoice Monitoring

JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd reviews water and trade effluent bills for clients prior to payment. This enables us to identify any billing anomalies and confirm that agreed charges have been correctly applied.

New Connections and Supply Upgrades

We have assisted clients with supply upgrades in rapidly expanding businesses. We were successful in delaying this capital cost for over a year through careful demand management and phase balancing.

Leak Detection

Many leaks go undetected and companies are often paying for this environmental and financial waste of a precious resource. By using specialised equipment, we can identify leaks and arrange for the necessary repairs.

Site Audits

We prefer to conduct a walk-through audit of the site in order to understand how energy is being used and to identify opportunities to make savings by either changing working practices or introducing new technology. This enables us to build up a model of how the demand should look and spot any abnormalities.


Water Consumption

Following a site visit to understand water consumption, JVR Utility Services (Pty) Ltd will construct a model of water usage and compare this to current consumption and industry standards.